Both your ePortfolio and field experience notebook need to delivered to me no later than Monday, October 24.

ePortfolio Information Sessions, with Q & A
Wed., Aug. 24, 4:15-5:00--FFA building, room 213
Tues., Sept.13, 4:15-5:00--FFA building, room 212
If you can't attend one of these meetings, please contact me.

Individual Meetings
The purpose of this required meeting is to review your progress with the ePortfolio and field experience notebook. You will need to share your Self as Learner reflection and all the work for at least one standard. Here is the ePortfolio protocol.
You also need to share the logged field experience activities with your three mentors and the standards activities, to the degree that you have completed them. I don't expect finished products for either the ePortfolio or the field experience notebook, but I do want to see significant effort.

Sign up for one time to meet with me at DMACC Ankeny, location to be determined. We will plan to talk for 25 minutes. Click on EDIT in the upper right corner, type your name in the time you choose (first come, first served) and then click on SAVE. You must SAVE to have your name appear in the time slot you have selected.

Saturday, Aug. 27--FFA building, room 212
12:00 Diane Flanery, Carolyn Paulaitis
2:00 Jen Jacob
3:00 Trevor Miller
Monday, Aug. 29--FFA building, room 212
6:30-Tasara Ocheskey
7:00- Kalyn Hansel
7:30-Matt Cibula
Tuesday, Sept. 13--FFA building, room 212
5:00 - Robbie Burnett
5:30--Sally Brown
6:00 - Stacie DeHaan
6:30 - Janelle Thompson
7:00 - Jen Adams-Potter
7:30 - Crosby Lester
8:00--Shane Roenfanz