April 12, 2008 DDL Day

This day is for the Greater Des Moines 8 cohort as well as other students who need the Data-Driven Leadership component for their licensure.

Drs. Scott McLeod and Jan Beatty
Ames, Iowa
9am to 5pm (with a 1-hour lunch break)

Registration deadline = March 1, 2008
Contact Dr. Scott McLeod if you have any questions.

REQUIRED pre-readings
(will be posted by February 1, 2008)

Put your name and e-mail address here if you plan to attend
Y Jennifer Madron-Sigrist jen.sigrist@ankenyschools.org EDAD 554
Jesse Ulrich julrich@dc-grimes.k12.ia.us
Nikki Heidemann heidemannn@se-polk.k12.ia.us
Scott Long scott.long@dmps.k12.ia.us
Jill Dykstra jill.dykstra@dmps.k12.ia.us
Kim Tierney ktierney@waukee.k12.ia.us
Matt Jones mjones@twincedars.k12.ia.us
Meredith Gilbert mmbowen@iastate.edu
Cheryl Voelker cvoelker@dc-grimes.k12.ia.us
Jolene (Jo) Mort jolene.mort@indianola.k12.ia.us
Claire Porter cejenkins@yahoo.com
Joe Spiess jfspiess@iastate.edu
Anthony Jones signet5@iastate.edu